© Christopher Raine


A Theist

I am an atheist who seeks divinity
That’s not found within a trinity
You might say, a curious affinity
But I will need more evidence to decide

An examination of obscurity
A hope, for simple purity,
An answer without a mystery,
For something we’re unable to define

But I want an end to suffering,
An end to mindless mutterings
And the ceaseless, tribal butchering
That’s been marching through all time

So until we can define it
I’m content to just deny it
I’ll need evidence to describe it
That’s not something I am willing to concede

I’m not interested in vague opinion
Or the rote of some dominion
Or the fracture of a tired schism,
Your ancestors struggled to describe

But I believe in all our science
And in its use and its appliance
And I’ll stand here in plain defiance
Until the facts are in place for us to see

But I am certainly uncertain
Of any man behind the curtain
So I find that I must once again refrain

To the knowledge that all things have their end

Because sadly, I’ve seen so little,
No proof beyond acquittal,
Still no answer to the riddle,
But I know it’s something that we haven’t seen before