The stranger in the sunlight
Cast a shadow from far away
An eclipse in the making
For the man who would not stay

A guitar slung over his shoulder
A host of songs for him to play
Long nails on his strumming fingers
Thinning hair half turned to grey

He will sing a lonely ballad
To empty halls and empty days
His voice rumbles deep in timbre
His soul-filled eyes are far away

He will tell you the same old story
That he has told most everyday
About lost love and lingering tragedy
Careless places and forgotten strays

But there’s another lonely woman
And she’s single just for the today
She invites the stranger to her unmade bed
For some other kind of play

You might think she got to know him
She offered him a place to stay
He might lie a while, beside her there
She’s just a stop along the way

While her heart is full and open
To the romance that he had played
Middle age felt a little further
From the burden of her days

© Christopher Raine