It’s dangerous and murky
Where the river meets the sea
The churn of brackish waters
In the confluence of ‘used to be’

Blended colours in this painting
The portrait of you and me
All mingled in the mixture
Of our joy and misery

Where mistrust and understanding
Are the methods and the means
In that parabola of wisdom
That encompasses all we see

In the beauty of your parlour
After you rode that limousine
The awkward silence falling after
That stranger, in your scene

 You shared your secret moment
Between the shelter of the sheets
But I can’t blame you, darling
If it’s something that you need

I hope, you find fulfillment
Or maybe just the seeds
I pray, you find your ever-after
And that it’s well received

I’ll promise you an ending
And I will gratefully concede
You won’t need a prophet
To separate our seas

© Christopher Raine