If I had

It’s not even worth it
I’m no longer the same
Nothing ever changes
I’m poor beyond blame
If I had a dollar?
If I had your fame?
At least you would hear me
You’d remember my name

I don’t want your charity
I’m not staking a claim
It’s not just the choices
There’s none that remain
If I had a dollar?
If I had your name?
I’d be cursed with blind fortune
I’d be rich in my shame

I’ve worked and I’ve toiled
I’ve sweat and I’ve strained
I’m old and I’m tired
Now I’m broken and drained
If I had a dollar?
If you were my friend?
There’d be someone to lift me
But I refuse to ascend

I’m down in the gutter
I’ve got nothing to lose
There’s no looking up
It’s way past the blues
If I had a dollar?
If I was able to choose?
I prefer my own suffering
Over those I accuse

Photo Credit - Digital Vision-ThinkstockPhotos-dv1316013

© Christopher Raine