You gave it everything you had
You really laid it at my feet
I’m sorry you couldn’t save me
I guess you lost to my retreat
Don’t blame yourself for losing
You really did the best you could
It’s more than a man could offer,
More than anyone ever should
I’ve seen you crying in my sorrow
I see your frustration seeping in
Like a sepsis to the system
It’s far much worse than any sin
In a world filled with distance
So much further, I have been
It’s cloudy and unreasoned
Every light has fallen dim

I took everything you offered
I ate your crumbs, I drank the wine
I was desperate for salvation
A Passover for the mind
But I’d really like to thank you
I can see how much you feel
Maybe someday we can love again?
I’m so uncertain of what is real
I’d like to change the way it is,
But I can’t feel it from within
There’s nothing here that’s left for you
It’s a battle you just can’t win

© Christopher Raine