Love and Indifference


Just because you want it
To be true, don’t make it true
All those things I wanted,
I wanted them for you
Now it don’t matter
What I say, if I don’t do
I’m old and I’m so very tired
Lord, my time is nearly through

You know, I haven’t said that much
Since you been gone
I haven’t found the time
Or a way of moving on
They say it’s always dark
Before the dawn
But the endless night is endless
While you’re gone

Now, it’s half my fault
I might be willing to concede
If I’ve only thought of myself,
It’s because I’m so very full of need
But I want you here,
Beside me in my greed
Your ebbing love and indifference
Is the shoreline to my sea

I saw your footprints
Melting in the snow
It’s been a while, I ask myself
Why did you have to go?
And although you told me,
Time again, I still don’t know
Tell me once more and maybe,
Your breath, can kiss me while it blows

I’m standing here alone
Upon this aging stage
I’m stringing up an effigy
Built for a pyre of my disgrace
The crowd here is ambivalent,
Ghosts haunting their favorite place
I can’t see you from the spotlight
I’m so blinded by your grace

And now it’s time,
For this final phrase
There are no longer starlit nights
And there are no more dancing days
But time keeps moving on
It’s not delayed;
It cruel and it’s relentless
And so heartless in its decay

© Christopher Raine