Love Heretical


I don’t know why I left you
In those days of used to be
Maybe I loved you just a little bit less
Than how much I loved me
That’s how it always goes, you know?
We love as much as we can
And it’s always just a little bit less
Than ourselves, you understand?

You can never really love another
But you can love the way that it feels
It’s the guilty pleasures that I can respect
No more pretending, let’s all be real
I’m not into personal spaces
Those gaps between yourself and me
We came first, you know that it’s true
There’s no crime in this heresy

What is this sin, when you break it all down?
Is it the void in our souls revealed?
If that is the inspiration of god itself,
Does worship still hold its appeal?
When does all of the selfishness end,
After the smiles run wet with pain?
When laughs grows distant and silence is kept
Or when the need is all that remains?

I’m not saying the poison is bitter
It’s as sweet as the devil can make
Never go begging on old lovers beds
They already know you’re on the take
It’s all about you, it’s all about me
And it’s all about everyone else
Poets are always to blame they say
We’re so good at revealing ourselves

© Christopher Raine