Photo Credit -RipleyVanPierce. ThinkstockPhotos-92375322

© Christopher Raine



I’ve given you my platitudes
And a bandage for your wrists
That all I’ve got,
It isn’t much,
I’ve got nothing more than this

I know that may be troubling
After everything you’ve done
You did your best,
You fought the war,
Some battles can’t be won

I’ve been a professional loser
For more than half my life
I didn’t mean
To drag you down
And I know it wasn’t right

I was desperate, I was selfish
I don’t know it at the time
I didn’t mean
To kill your love
Am I still guilty of the crime?

You call out for compassion
You’ve taken all of mine
You did it before,
You’ll do it again,
My empathy has resigned

You say you need me now
But it’s more than I can give
I tried my best,
I really did
But that’s no way to live