© Christopher Raine



Sacrifice of a Single Mother


I remember the first time
That I tied my own shoe laces
Sitting on the wooden stairs
That fell into the basement
A moment of pride
I wanted to show someone
That I could do it
I was a big boy now
But my father was gone
And my mother worked
At the hair salon
So there was nobody there
To share it with

My mother,
In whose arms l felt love
And a kind of sadness
And without her
There was silence
She would have been there
If she could have
I am certain that she would have
I can imagine her there
Marvelling at the
Intricacy of the knot
That these tiny hands made
There on the steps
In that tiny home
With the oak trees
And the strawberries
That grew in the field

I think of my mother now
Three thousand miles away
Getting older,
Getting frailer
I stand in wonder
Of everything she’s done
Of how your heart was never
Too small to love
The smallest things
And the sacrifices that she made
To work and to provide
While she missed out

On the greatest
And the smallest
Of wonders