And where are you? Oh, distant light
That came in wonder, now out of sight,
Behind the clouds and so far out of reach
I saw you sighing, in the sky above
From darkness, light, this goddess love
A glowing Siren calling out to me

The clouds collapsed, they came and went
They fondled you and have been spent,
But you shine on in lasting purity
The winter wolves they howl for you,
The frozen pines in silhouetted view,
The Snow covered hills bathing in your sheen
So many names, my dear Selene,
Hecate, Artemis, and Phoebe
Inspired beauty of those pagan dreams
You are Maiden, Mother and the Crone
You walk the night, but you’re not alone
The stars in heaven, a backdrop to your scene
I reach out for you and I try to touch
To pull you close in sacred trust
I want your beauty washing over me
You cast your glow in rays of hope
I’ll cast to you my tethered rope
The tides of seas are beckoned by your heed
I will pledge this sacrifice to you
Your heavenly glow in pastel view
A gasping sailor that slips beneath the sea
I will drown for you in endless night
The eye of heaven’s beauty bright
Forever after, the only face I’ll see

© Christopher Raine