© Christopher Raine


True Love

I'll be brave and I'll be noble
I'll lay my coat before your feet
I will howl and I will beg
I will be anything that you need 

I will follow you everywhere
If you put a collar round my neck
You can thrash me till I bleed
I am yours to love or wreck 

My love for you is everything 
I'm obsessed and overthrown 
Please tell me what I need 
Please touch me while I moan

I love to kiss your silken legs 
And your high stiletto heels 
Show me your delights
You know just how I feel 

I will worship at your delta
I will taste the nectars sweet 
Let me enter your creation 
Let me flood the valley deep

I will hold you if you cry

And I will hold you over me
I will give you all I have 
I will fulfill your every need 

I see you when I am idle 
And I will see you as I dream
But I promise to quit you, baby
If that is what you deem

I am your loving supplicant
I am begging just to please
But if you should reject this love
I will pack my things and leave 

I may be chained to you in love

But I know what that should mean
I will never try to own you

And I will always set you free