© Christopher Raine




I understand my disgrace
I’ve read the lines upon your face
And I’m certain that I have drawn a few
But baby, please don’t leave
There’s no need to deceive
I can handle whatever it is that I’ve done

She said:

“You’ve been all that I have known,
But I cannot take you home
You’re nothing, but a worry, to me.”
She turned her head down to the side
Her chest opened and sighed
And in long silence she knew

"There is nothing here for me
No dawn to this morning
The twilight is all I can view
And the wind will cast aside
The vail of this dying pride
With a kiss that is so fatal and true.”

 I said:
“Darling, please don’t worry
You have no need to hurry
I promise my love will be true”
But the silence went long
Like a cold wave passing on
To the distance long out of view