© Christopher Raine




Well I know that we are many
But they'll say that we are few
Our weapons are unforgiving 
But our methods are tried and true

We live among the shepherds 
In plain sight but in disguise
We nod in prayer beside you 
But our eyes are open wide

The herdsmen are all dying
As they try to tend their sheep 
But none of them are yielding
There are no more lambs to bleed

They are starving in the desert 
They are blinded and aloof  
For knowing is their poison
And it's proof they can't refute

You can try to bring them wisdom
But they will never take it in
They are parched by dusty testaments 
And silenced by their own sins

But we are wolves in the desert
And we see beyond the fright
No, we do not follow anyone 
We are not blinded by the night

We will be hunting in the darkness 
We will feast on all there is to know
We will not be dying in the desert
We don't believe in mystic tomes

And if they will not adapt to change
Then they will  perish as we go
We cannot continue on in silence
We must explore what is unknown

Do not let their judgement rule you
It's time to abandon your disguise
You can be a lamb at the slaughter 
Or you can believe in your own eyes