© Christopher Raine


​​​​​​Worn Old Wallet

I found a photo of you in my old wallet
When I was cleaning up the place
It was tucked in behind the torn plaid liner,
A faded smile, still ,upon your face

On the back you had written a little something
A tender promise, so naive and so very sweet
Your girlish cursive smeared across the paper
Worn out by time, the leather, and the heat

I held it in my hands for a while
It was forgotten there for many years
I remembered you fondly in that moment
We were in love or so it appeared
But we never should have been together
We were incompatible and so poorly cast
We never considered what could divide us
We never knew tomorrow, could be the past

And there you were in my dresser
Beside the watch with a broken clasp
Another sign, a symbol of the meaning
We now know, forever never lasts