© Christopher Raine

A Bottle Tossed

Somewhere inside my head
when the devils are left to play
I imagine all the horrors
that seem so far away

Somewhere in an exotic land
while my coffee is growing cold
somewhere along the way
where life is bought and sold

A child cries in the distance
as his family is torn away
his limbs all hacked and mangled
for some sacred holy day
A bottle tossed to the ocean
a baby washed-up on the shore
another family lost and murdered
while millions close their doors

It’s happening somewhere else
someplace far from today
its got nothing to do with me
it’s so easy to turn away

So strangely incongruent
not easily conceived
too damn awful to be true
too improbable to believe

Yet, it’s sadly dark and real
the horrors that they face
our privileges have a cost
and reveal our own disgrace