© Christopher Raine

Photo Credit - QueenMargo -ThinkstockPhotos 516594532


A Kiss

Even now as the sun falls
through your window
and as the wind softly
blows a gentle kiss
the leaves so gingerly
curled and folding over
the scent of impending frost
falls upon your lips

We are left
forever in that moment,
the stillness silent like the pause
between each breath
it was our time,
a wonder of temptation
it was our offering
the sacrifice we lent

To split apart
and go on our separate journeys
and in the end
it was the only place to start

Frozen in time
like the frame around your portrait
out of touch
but, the memory cannot lie
I've tried so hard
to justify this longing
I've tried so long
to let this moment part

Even as the sun fades softly
from your window
and the wind cries out
a parting kiss,
I've always wished
that my tomorrow
could ever be,
half as good as this