A Valkyrie’s Tears

I came home late one evening
I had been cruel and so unkind
she was tired of all my suffering
I was drunk and nearly blind

In the morning she made coffee
as the sun began to rise
the light was white and so unyielding
to these desperate, pleading eyes

My hands were dry and trembling
and she said that ‘it’s alright’
I thought that she’d be vengeful
she took my hand and held it tight

We made love later that evening
while the moon caressed the sky
her perfumed hair fell across her bosom
while sadness fell from loving eyes

And I saw her from my darkness
this goddess, bathed in purest light
I never thought she would forgive me
yet, I felt redemption in her sight

If I had known it would be the last time
I would have begged, I would have lied
I would have offered up this ragged soul
just to be a shadow at her side

And now the days are soulless
I often think of her and I;
how she rose above my madness
that night I made an angel cry

© Christopher Raine