We reveal sensual secrets

before a pale voyeur moon

peeping behind clouds

our innocence swept away

by time and change

sweet’N low® moments

evening flakes of sky

tremble from a shaker

held by the hand of Tefnut

drifting like dandelion seeds

upon the winds of Shu

falling upon wet grasses

in forest glades

where faeries gather

with dragonfly-wings

filtering psychedelic dreams

dancing in circles of song

planting mushrooms spores

that grow succulent and sweet

the days pass by


Listen, do you hear?

the hallowed howls

of wild things call,


“Come with me, child of man

past the rivers beyond

come with me, child of woman

to the dark and feral forest

where roots entwine

like writhing snakes

beneath your naked feet

the sacred knowledge lies here

at the heart

where lightning struck

and time began

sample its fruit

feel the soft-fleshy sweetness

running down your chin,

lap its juices

taste its succulence

revel in intimate knowledge

become drunk

Sleep now, beneath

my loving branches

my leaves, your blanket,

my moss, your bed

Time to awaken, child

here is my acorn heart

take my secrets with you

plant my seed

the morning comes,

its lustrous light filters

through rustling

stained glass leaves

Time to awaken, child

take my secrets with you

plant my seeds

birth my wisdoms.”


Civilization screams!

with wires buzzing

engines snoring,

clocks chiming

alarms blaring

the seed falls from startled

trembling hands

rolling over

smooth-synthetic floors

past the metal jaws

 of a register and into

 the fiery furnace below

smouldering to ashes

the skies grow

dim-dull and grey

the dust of concrete billows

in business parks

and bustling sterile streets

where a forest once

bloomed in a dream

that grew blurry

forgotten in seconds

work awaits us all

© Christopher Raine

Acorn Heart