At Any Moment


At any moment, 
at any second, 
at any passing of the day, 
I’ll take the time 
just to say 
what you mean to me 

When you’re tired

and you’re wondering,
how you will ever

make it through? 
hold on tight, take this love, 
it was once a part of me 
In the evening 
while the moon cries 
and you’re watching your TV
have a drink, 
put your feet up, 
that’s okay with me 
No, I don’t need you, 
but I want you, 
please don’t change 
there is no need,
as you are, that is all
that it needs to be

We can dance
beneath the dust,
beside the dishes in the sink,
I don’t mind, it’s alright,
you are the only thing
I’m going to see

There are problems
there are pressures
baby, they don’t
mean a thing
when we kiss, when we cry,
it’s just a memory

At any moment
at any second
while our life just fades away
I’ll take the time,
I’ll take your hand,
that’s all love means to me


© Christopher Raine