© Christopher Raine


Breakfast with Karl


Karl sits on a chesterfield 
and yells at the television 
like it matters 
he scratches his thinning hair 
over another fat serving 
of tax cuts for the wealthy
and watches angrily 
as his slice of the pie 
narrows paper thin; 
waxing theoretical physics 
over blueberries and pastry 
suppressing violence 
he rubs his unshaven jaw 
and shakes his head 
austerity for the masses 
while the Dow gets an erection 
and the Nasdaq 
lifts a flirtatious skirt 
Karl watches floating heads 
and scrolling ribbons 
discuss winners and losers 
points and percentages 
while the rest of the world wakes 
to cutting despair 
inches from the eroding 
cliff side of bloated mortgages 
worn away by the chill tides 
of rising costs 
there are few luxuries left 
Karl isn’t crawling 
on mountains of garbage just yet, 
but he has faith 
that our intrepid leaders 
will get us there