Damn You!

I'll pull you from your ivory tower 
with a chain around your neck
your hands and feet in shackles
and your face a bloody mess 

I'll put you on the television
and auction off each wound
it'll be enough to make 'em cringe 
and to make the Marquis swoon

You'll be beaten beyond a pulp 
you'll be begging for it to end 
you'll recant all of your actions,
but you'll never make amends 

And where lies all my empathy 
or the compassion of my tears?
those ducts dried up long ago
in pillars of salt and bitter years 

You'll beg for it to end...
there will be no shaking doubt,
but I'll take my own sweet time 
and I will never let you out 

No, I don't believe in fairy tales
neither in heaven nor in hell
so I'll do the world a service
and damn you by myself

© Christopher Raine