Dionysus & Aoide


Drank a little wine 

this evening 

probably more 

than I really should, 

but it was late 

and the muse was calling 

with naked breasts 

and I haven’t seen that 

kind of action in a while, 

wishing I still could 

dancing to better days 

exploring forbidden forests 

with bronze patina feelings 

listening to unwritten songs 

dropping keys 

down with the swingers 

trading partners, fancying 

haunting-lingered longings, 

sensual cravings, 

hidden desires, 

maudlin chances, 

the epiphany of passion 

yielding to the temptation 

of a red apple 

If you listen gently 

you can hear Medea’s cries . . .

she brings it all, Aoide, 

and I get so thirsty


© Christopher Raine