Can you see me in your sunlight
Reflected by the sea
Where time is crystal amber
Or frozen, somewhere in-between

Will you ponder for just for a moment?
When you think of you and me
Of the friends and the old neighbours
And other things you used to see

Can you feel from that penthouse?
The texture of your dreams
The colours and the flavours
And the places you have been

Succoured in a mirrored palace
The windows reflect what they’ve seen
From the shadows and open curtains
To the open spaces of your means

I’d love to be your knight in armour
Or something like that old theme
I’ve never been that much for romance
But it’s all that’s left of me

If you should fall from you tower
A broken doll with broken schemes
You’ll find me down here waiting
Or somewhere, where I dream

© Christopher Raine