Eyes like Atlantis


If the eyes you stare into

grow forever deep, surrender,

sacrifice your being, succumb,  

fall into the depths

of Caribbean whirlpools,

plunge past

the Bimini Road,

drown in the operatic halls

of dreaming Atlantis.


Poseidon’s trident flashes

in the armoured scales

of glimmering fish.

passions swirl,

seraphim love songs drift,

wet appetites

glide sfumato soft;

liquid oils slide,

shimmering cathedral sunshine.


The ocean sighs

its breath recedes

churning waves, pulling currents

oppressive and gripping,


the surface tension breaks

to baptismal-blue skies,

singing sea-sweet breezes,

gasping catharses of being.

If eyes that once smiled

across your table

in the soul-storied lounge

of the Compleat Angler Hotel,

mysterious and eternal,

lost to time and ruin,

still speak silent intimacies

to your thirsty-naked soul;

drown in them.

© Christopher Raine