© Christopher Raine


Film Noir 

You used to love that jazz-boogie 
The film noir and all the tricks
Silk black stocking thighs exposed
And a man who can take his licks

The roscoes and the boilers
The intrigue of a single, lit cigar
Smoke speaks in venomous swirls
Shadows spawn from light to dark

You've got a liver full of booze
And you've got creosote in the lungs
There's a train outside your window
From dawn 'till evening comes 

There's a dame outside your office
And she's got gams to last all day 
She's got that desperate kind of look
And so you just can't turn away 

Her hair is black and curled
And her dress is cool and tight
Her lips are full and liquid
But her words just don't feel right

But you're a sucker for her looks
Although you know you're being played
You look outside the window shades
Past the shadows through the shades

She turns away and smiles 
As she slips on out your door 
She knows just what she's doing
And she leaves you wanting more