cold feet-tapping

a ’38 Cole Porter number

Bluebird® jazz

spinning ridges

whirlpool cool

indigo deep

swaying in the breeze

like Indonesian palms


Remember that?


Cunard® South Pacific cruise


dazed and dreaming

breathing in the shade

of a canopy-covered

wooden plank deck

sipping on Gin Rickeys

like Fitzgerald

a floral rayon dress

floats by,

a slender Daisy

leaning on the white rails

looking at waves

she’s got gams


lip-pressing sweet

and a smile;

softly blushing fruit

subtle-meaning sweet

there’s always a girl

in every good tale

sweet and delicious

never forget that

or the Rockford Sock Monkey®

she bought

don’t know why

she did


Hear that?


Voices calling

nurses scrambling

squeaking white sneakers

gurney clattering

rails raising

the foot no longer taps

in the deep wax now,

smooth, mellow and deep

“Begin the Beguine”

like all sweet things

has an ending too

© Christopher Raine