History on Film

I saw an old film of a young man
he had a Makarov pressed to his head
his eyes were tight and squinted
he knew what lie ahead...

A soldier held that service pistol
his arm was straight and taut
in anticipation of a sudden recoil
from this deadly, careless, shot

And as the matter sprayed away
with an absurdly simple 'pop'
somewhere a family mourned
while another body dropped

The film was from a distant place
which one? It doesn't matter
it happens all the bloody time
beneath green tea and mindless chatter

Another stranger dies for nothing
but we know that no one really cares
there are far more important things
than wars from god knows where

We'll say they are cruel and inhumane
they don't value life like you and me
we'll say they're evil and hardly human
because that's what they need to be

© Christopher Raine