Like a Stone

Standing on the shoreline
of the lazy Elbow River
throwing rocks
across the water

you know that words
can cause a ripple
and their wake
can last forever

the implications
change the surface
no, you can’t ever
bring them back

And she might not
feel the same way
so you never, ever
say a thing

You keep whispering
so desperately
but you’ll never
even speak them

You just bounce
around their meaning
as words skip
across the water

They were hurled
by a young man
but you’re not
so very young now

And you’ve gotten
so much older
and the weeds
have gotten higher

Now you’re standing
on the far side
of the river
near the mountain

Like a stone

It was built
by tiny pebbles
of all the words
you ever threw

That skipped
across the water
but you never
dipped your feet in

You just stood there
beside the shoreline
throwing stones
into the river

And the current
keeps on flowing
whether or not
you’re there to feel it

And you realize
that it’s over
even though you
never moved on

Like a stone

© Christopher Raine