it's difficult to enjoy

romantic walks

old fashioned ice-cream parlours

and holding hands

while soaked in insect repellent

covered in splatters of blood

and flattened

guts and wire legs

then the filthy-garbage gulls

callout again

to dull-anemic skies

and I pine

for the annoying whine

of mosquito’s wings


© Christopher Raine

Mosquito Wings


Grey skies

cold winds too

the geese have flown

nothing but gulls now

cawing and coughing

hanging out

at seedy bird baths

working the streetlights

and alleyway fire-escapes

playing craps

flashing beaks

waking the neighbours

shitting on everything

a few weeks ago

chickadees gathered

beneath the shade

of a ‘79 Toyota

and we strolled across

summer evening sidewalks

flailing arms through

mosquito swaths

holding our breaths

spitting out the occasional


sometimes running

like screaming school children

fleeing the pointy-bloodsuckers