© Christopher Raine

Sea Monsters

Monsters; we are


happy sorts of men,

capturing hearts

in theft and deception!

I will steal

back this hat for you

and claim a fur shawl

from a selfish Laird

to drape upon

soft-smooth shoulders

trembling beneath

the Highland winds.

Be free!


In freedom sings

the greatest of love.

Abandon possession,

never be the sadist,

weigh your anchor!

Leave waters deep


be gentle, good mariner.

Do not scar

her virgin sea bed,

and she shall guide you

to her soft wet beaches

caressed by the sun.

Drowning breaths

left you weeping

in pearls of wisdom, 


of sweet Merrow’s

emerald glimmer

sing once again

in the deep

shimmering seas

of a siren’s song

once kept

by the bonnie red bonnet

near your breast.


How else can one

keep the soul caged?


Across the North Channel,

a light pilfer of seal fur


the undressed maidenhood

from the slick fingers

of folded kelp;  a selkie

imprisoned in love


from the shackles

of a weeping window,

languidly longing

for the sea,

abandoning her children

for the chance

of freedom.