Will You Think of Me?


Will you think of me, tonight
after the dishes are done
and the television
is off for the evening
when then thoughts of the day
have run their course
and your sleepy head
rests on its pillow?

Will you think of me, tonight
after your eyes succumb
and your breathing
sighs deep and slow
when your dreams
have not yet begun
and your final thoughts
fade softly to whispers?

Will you think of me, tonight
as your perception fails
and the moon reflects
the first light of tomorrow
when there is nothing left
to be remembered
but the quiet concerns
of a day, not yet begun?

I will be with you, tomorrow
when the magpie caws through
the open window
when the lush leaves awaken
with pearls of morning dew
refreshed and green,
and the coffee pressed,
poured into your waiting cup

© Christopher Raine