- Christopher Raine

​​​​​Christopher Raine was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1968. He attended the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta, where he studied English and Fine Art. He later studied Architectural Technology at Digital School in Edmonton, Alberta. Raine has also worked as a freelance artist.

In addition to being the author of ‘Vacant Morality: Poems of the Past,’ Christopher Raine has run creative writing workshops at The Morinville Community Library.

"The most difficult thing about writing a book is holding the strands of your life together while you are doing it.

Real passion has a lot to do with suffering and sacrifice. You bare your soul, you put it out there on an aluminum dissection tray; a vivisection spread open and left on display. People may like it, hate it, or ignore it. It’s you, unapologetically."

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the new poetry collection by Christopher Raine​

​Quietly nostalgic while avoiding sentimentality, Where the Grasses Wept paints watercolour portraits of an everyman life, filtered through the sober wisdom of reality and perspective. Utilizing either lyrical or free-verse poetry, Raine succeeds in maintaining a sense of rhythm and cadence harkening to his prior work in Vacant Morality. The themes of Where the Grasses Wept are thoughtful and relatable, firmly grounded in reality while simultaneously creating a dream-like quality. Raine’s work successfully grasps a sense of longing while avoiding the trap of wishful thinking and romanticism. 

Softcover  ISBN 978-0-359-56136-0

Author Photographs by Vala Grenier - Blue Magic Photography​​

About the Author


the new poetry collection by Christopher Raine

Also by Christopher Raine

"VACANT MORALITY: Poems of the Past"

Softcover ISBN 978-1-4834-7808-1

 Desperate and passionate, the poetry of Vacant Morality rolls off of the tongue like music. There are moments of simple purity filtered through the lens of experience, regret, and wisdom. Poet Christopher Raine believes that the best way to explain beauty is through the contrast of ugliness. It is only through suffering that one can truly feel the unique rarity of sublime love and hope.